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How much do you charge?


Our price is dependant on your requirements, so for an accurate quote for your property we will have to speak to you, 



Our average price, based on a regular 4 weekly clean is £10, which includes all of your frames, sills and doors as well as your windows.

How often will you come?


Most residential customers are visited every 4 weeks to ensure that their windows are always gleaming and looking there best. Our system leaves a protection and shine on your windows that lasts around four weeks. So we can, and do, guarantee your results.

 Although we can offer a one off or 8 weekly service. If you wish to discuss your options, feel free to contact us

What is the benefit of using pure water, and how does it work?



Tap water although filtered and safe to drink still retains a level of mineral content. 

Some areas in the UK have higher content than others. When you apply tap water to a surface and leave it to dry, the minerals get left behind because they are too heavy to evaporate. The left behind minerals then leave marks, smears and spotting on your window.

Pure water is demineralized, which means our water will completely evaporate, leaving no smears, water marks or spotting.

HOT pure water is even more effective and leaves an extra shine, as it evaporates four times quicker than cold water…. You wouldn’t wash your plates in cold water, why wash your windows with it!!

Traditional window cleaners, use one bucket of water and don’t change with each house they visit, do you really want your windows cleaned using water dirtied by your neighbor’s windows?!

Reach and wash, or traditional cleaning?




Benefits of reach and wash include:


All frames and sills are cleaned at no extra cost, traditional window cleaners will only clean the glass.


No chemicals are needed, which is not only friendlier for the environment but also kinder on your UPVC frames and sills.


Using chemicals can also leave behind residue, which will attract dirt meaning your windows will need cleaning more often to keep the standard of clean you would like & expect.


Because of the use of telescopic poles and brushes, you will no longer have any unfortunate/ embarrassing privacy issues when your window cleaner arrives!!


Windows that would be unwashable can now be reached with ease. For example above a conservatory roof!


Reduces the risk of damage to your property from leaning ladders.


And obviously, the results of hot pure water are second to none and cannot be beaten.